Presentations & Talks

Bonding and Grounding for Amateur Radio John Wagner N8CD2018-09Presentation given at the September 2019 club meeting on grounding and bonding for amateur radio applications.
COMPACtennaJack Nilsson N8NDL2019-08Presentation on the COMPACtenna
Contesting 101Allan "Zeke" Zadiraka AB8OU2019-06Presented at the June 2019 monthly meeting.
Digital Voice Modes: Compare and Contrast of the Mainstream Digital Voice Modes
Audio Samples
John Wagner N8CD2019-01Comparison of D-Star, DMR, and Yaseu System Fusion for digital voice. Presented at the January 2019 meeting.
Having Fun with MorseAnthony Luscre KZ8T2019-09Presented at the September 2019 monthly meeting.
Logbook of the World
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Jason McCormick N8EI2017-10Series of five articles on using Logbook of the World
N8XPK's Tower BuildMarty Baker N8XPK2018-11Presentation by Marty Baker at the November 2018 club meeting on the building of his QTH tower.
Operating with D-STARJason McCormick N8EI2019-03Operating with D-STAR digital voice
Operating FT8Jason McCormick N8EI2018-02Operating the FT8 mode.
P25, Trunking, and MARCSEric Marang WD8KNL2019-04Overview on P25 trunking and the Ohio MARCS system.
Receive AntennasJeff Royer W8TB2019-07Receive antennas
WSPRAllan "Zeke" Zadiraka AB8OU2018-10Presented at the October 2018 club meeting.
WW8TF/Rover OperationsJohn Wagner N8CD
Jason McCormick N8EI
2018-03The operation of the WW8TF/Rover for the Ohio ARES Simplex Contest in January 2018. Presented at the March 2018 meeting.

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