Presentations & Talks

2020 Meeting Presentations

July 2020Some Notes on Using AllstarLinkJason McCormick
What is AllstarLink and how its used
June 2020Horizontal Loops at AA8CSGary Shorter AA8CSAbout the installation of a horizontal loop antenna at the AA8CS QTH
May 2020Field Day in Social Distancing (Video)

Presentation Slides
Anthony Luscre K8ZTIdeas for doing Field Day during social distancing during COVID-19.
January 2020Digital and Network-Connected Repeaters Jason McCormick N8EI & John Wagner N8CDTheories on network and digital repeaters. First half (slides 1-15) given at the January 2020 meeting.

2019 Meeting Presentations

October 2019Loop AntennasGeorge Riedel N1EZZBuilding and using large loop antennas
September 2019Having Fun with MorseAnthony Luscre KZ8THow to get on the air quickly and easily with morse code
August 2019COMPACtennaJack Nilsson N8NDLCoverage of RF, obstructions, antenna polarization, and how the COMPACtenna works
July 2019Receive Antennas: Beverages and BeyondJeff Royer W8TBBuilding and using various long-wire receive antennas
June 2019Contesting 101Allan “Zeke” Zadiraka AB8OUBasics of HF radiosport contesting
April 2019P25, Trunking, & MARCS, Oh myEric Marang WD8KNLP25 mode radios, how trunking radio systems work, and how P25 and trunking is used in the Ohio MARCS
March 2019Operating with D-STARJason McCormick N8EIBasics of the D-STAR system including now to program radios (non-DR mode)
January 2019Presentation: Digital Voice Modes: Compare and Contrast of the Mainstream Digital Voice Modes
Audio Samples: Audio Samples
John Wagner N8CD Comparison of D-Star, DMR, and Yaseu System Fusion for digital voice.

2018 Meeting Presentations

November 2018Tower BuildingMarty Baker N8XPKBuilding the 80ft tower at Marty’s QTH
October 2018WSPR ModeAllan “Zeke” Zadiraka AB8OU Using WSPR for monitoring propagation
September 2018Bonding and Grounding for Amateur Radio John Wagner N8CDBounding and grounding for amateur radio towers and stations
March 2018WW8TF/Rover Operations during the Ohio Simplex ContestJohn Wagner N8CD & Jason McCormick N8EI (ex N8JDM) The operation of the WW8TF/Rover for the Ohio ARES Simplex Contest in January 2018.
January 2018Operating FT8 Jason McCormick N8EI (ex N8JDM)Using the FT8 mode.

2017 Meeting Presentations

October 2017Logbook of the World:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Jason McCormick N8EI (ex N8JDM)Expanded version of a presentation given to the club on Logbook of the World

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