Repeater Code of Conduct

Repeater Code of Conduct

The SARA repeaters are covered by the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Follow the Golden Rule – “Do to others what you want them to do to you”
    1. Don’t be an idiot
    2. Remember that you’re not the only repeater user
  2. Follow key FCC regulations for repeater use. Identify with your callsign every 10 minutes and at the end of traffic. When identifying, use your complete callsign.
  3. Yield to emergency transmissions – i.e. “break break break”
  4. All casual traffic will yield to scheduled nets
  5. Use of the digital linking functions (e.g. Allstar, Echolink, etc.) will be treated identically to RF transmissions
  6. Do not use digital linking functions to connect other nets to the repeater during regularly scheduled nets and events
  7. When using a digital linking functions, avoid quick-keying. This is always a good practice, but it’s much more important with network-connected nodes.
    1. Leave at least a second after you hear the telemetry tone of the last transmission before you key up.
    2. Repeaters will have different courtesy tone lengths and hang times
  8. Listen before you transmit after linking repeaters – be courteous about interrupting an in-progress QSO on a remote system. Rule #1B.
  9. Be smart about linking up a big Allstar network mesh or a busy net. Rule #1B.
  10. When you are finished with your QSO that took place on an Allstar network, please immediately terminate the connection. Rule #1B.
  11. Never purposely “double” with somebody that is transmitting; this is not the way to correct the actions of an offender. Instead, give some constructive criticism as appropriate, perhaps off-the-air.
  12. While SARA generally respects free speech, there will be no tolerance for harassment, racism, vile language, obnoxious “band policing”, or persistent rude behavior. Rule #1A.

Net-Specific Rules:

  1. Follow directions of the NCS (Net Control Station)
    1. Only transmit if directed to by the NCS
      1. Except in an emergency, do not attempt to check-in outside of the time set aside for check-ins
      2. If you do have more comments for a net, wait until the NCS takes more check-ins and transmit “<your callsign> recheck”
    2. If the NCS appears to have made a mistake, respectfully comment on it only if appropriate; do not forget that the NCS’s run the nets as a service to the community and try their best to fulfill their duties
  2. Consider the diversity of the individuals that are listening to the net – please keep discussion of offensive or excessively political topics outside of nets

Users that persistently violate these codes may be asked to not use the repeater as permitted under CFR 47 Part 97.205 (e). Persistent or egregious misuse will be pursued with the ARRL Volunteer Monitoring System and the FCC for disciplinary action.

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