Power Supply Exchange Completed

As many of you already know, after our purchase of the Astron ASR-RM-50M power supply, we received a letter from DXE indicating the Astron Corporation announced the ASR-RM-50M power supply “may pose a safety concern because the internal transformer appears to be operating at an abnormally high temperature” i.e the supply could pose a fire hazard. DXE immediately offered their customers the option to return the power supply for a full refund no questions asked. SARA opted to order a new Samlex rack mount power supply from DXE and return the faulty Astron supply. We want to thank Tim Duffy and DXE for immediately offering a solution to this problem and not waiting for Astron to complete their investigation.


This extrapolation was used for the installation but not remembered for the uninstall. Barry’s arm suffered the consequence! (picture by AA8CS)

That said, Barry KI8B picked up our new Samlex SEC-40BRM 40 amp rack mount switching power supply from DXE on Friday September 2nd. Barry along with Del N8OFP took the bull by the horns this morning and swapped out the supplies. It was a monumental task as the crew did not have the proper “superwhameydine” nut driver assembly to assist with the extraction. Barry’s arm, as mangled as it got, had to suffice. AA8CS arrived just in time to supply Barry and Del with a heart felt “thank you” and take the attached pictures to document the event. Next stop, new vhf antenna installation… Stay Tuned — 73 AA8CS

Barry KI8B and Del N8OFP take a much deserved break!

Barry KI8B and Del N8OFP take a much deserved break!


Barry and Del completing the final touches before the new power supply is fired up.



New Samlex in the Rack … Note the extra room previously occupied by the Astron supply!!


Installation Complete and Repeater back on the air! Good Job Guys!

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