Local Allstar & Echolink Project comes to SARA and other repeaters

In case you haven’t heard on the air or at the February SARA meeting, there is a project underway to connect several local repeaters to the AllStar and Echolink ham radio VoIP (Voice Over IP) networks. This connectivity will enable quite a few new features. The members present at the February SARA meeting gave an enthusiastic approval to bring the SARA 442.275 and 147.390 repeaters online with the project.

I’ve put together a presentation that will give everyone some details on the project, including what systems are involved and what the schedule looks like.

You can access the presentation here with this link on Google Slides,  Note that the Google Slides version will be updated as the project moves along.

This presentation will be given along with more details at a future SARA meeting, but you can get started by looking the presentation over in the meantime. We welcome you to review the presentation, and then join in on the fun!





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