Ham IP Network stabilized

BBQ’d and Corroded Ethernet connector Maintenance on the cloud service used to connect some of our repeaters to various networks has been completed, and the technical team thinks we’ve found and temporarily repaired the issue that caused our Ham network to be unstable over the past week.

RF KILLS! (relays)

If you’re a subscriber to the sara-discuss mailing list, you saw my request today to keep an eye open for a couple of high voltage relays to use as replacements in an antenna loading coil remote switch. This article is some background on what led to that request.

N8CD’s Handheld Radio Review #9: Kenwood TH-D74A Tri-Bander + DStar + APRS

A new addition to the N8CD HT family prompted me to write another review. I wasn’t planning on doing another review in the series after #8, but the radio manufacturers keep producing products that I can’t resist. The Kenwood TH-D74A has about every tech feature you could want in a radio (with the possible exception of not having DMR) all packed into a reasonably sized package.