147.39 repeater now on AllStar, Echolink, and Broadcastify

As of March 13th 2016, the 147.390 SARA repeater is now connected to the AllStar and Echolink networks. The 39 repeater is node number 43211 on AllStar, and node 580387 as W8WKY-R on Echolink. You can read more about how it all works in this article and the presentation linked from it.

pi-boardTo accommodate some limitations with Echolink, a separate Rasppi-systemberry Pi 2 was assembled and installed for the 147.39 repeater. It connects to the existing Link RLC controller similar to the way a remote base radio would be connected to the repeater using a USB radio interface model URIx from DMK Engineering.

We look forward to the extra connectivity this new feature adds to the already great 39 repeater and it’s community of users

The repeater can also now be monitored through the Broadcastify service available from RadioReference.com. The audio on BroadCastify is delayed about 20 seconds by the streaming service, but you can keep up with the repeater while away from your radio using this feature. Check it out at this link.

(EDIT: the Broadcastify service may be unavailable for a bit while we debug some connectivity issues)


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