Alinco DJ-MD5 Codeplug Updated

SARA’s minimalist codeplug for the Alinco DJ-MD5 HT has been updated to include the new Wooster multi-mode digital repeater, Mansfield’s DMR machine, and various other improvements. As always, please read the page to see what you MUST change before loading the codeplug onto your radio.

442.275 MHz Conversion – MAY 4, 2019

At the April meeting, SARA voted to confirm the Technical Committee plan to convert W8WKY 442.275 MHz to a multi-mode digital repeater, replacing the current analog FM system. This conversion will happen the morning of Saturday, May 4th.  Beginning at noon on Saturday, May 4th, 442.275 MHz will operate only with the following digital modes: DMR, Yaesu System Fusion (YSF), and D-STAR.

SARA’s 442.275 Going Digital

At the 4/18/2019 SARA business meeting the membership approved a proposal to convert the club’s 442.275 repeater to a multi-mode digital repeater. Once the conversion is complete, the repeater will no longer support analog FM, but will support: DMR (on Brandmeister)YSF (Yaesu System Fusion)DSTARP25 In addition to being inline with many of Amateur Radio’s mandated purposes, drivers for this conversion include: The area’s high profile DMR repeater will likely be off the air or moving by June (losing Copley tower site)Ohio ARES is backing DMR for ARES operationsMany members have radios capable of DMR, DSTAR, or YSF, and not many places to use themWith this conversion, SARA’s UHF repeater would be a high power, high profile powerhouse for DMR, YSF, DSTAR & P25Provide another reason for SARA to have workshops, training, which would draw in additional members Current analog uses for 442.275, including the Pajama Net and a link to the Sunday Evening 6 meter net will move to N8XPK’s wide-area 444.2 repeater.

Summit County Skywarn Training

Summit County EMA is holding a Skywarn training on Tuesday, April 16th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm with registration starting at 6:00pm. The class will be taught virtually by a Cleveland NWS staff member to the audience at the American Red Cross.