Field Day 2019 Final Score

Another successful SARA Field Day is now “in the books”. The final claimed score and supporting evidence has been provided to the ARRL. The final claimed score is the same as was reported in the initial report – 3376.

Here’s our breakdown of contacts:

BandCW ContactsDigital ContactsPhone Contacts

Additionally, we accrued 1590 bonus points in the following categories:

  • 100% Emergency Power (100 x 5 transmitters = 500)
  • Media Publicity (100pts)
  • Public Operating Location (100pts)
  • Information Booth (100pts)
  • Message to the ARRL SM/SEC (100pts)
  • Copy of the W1AW special message for Field Day (100pts)
  • Minimum 5 QSOs made by natural/alternative power (100pts)
  • Site visit by an elected official – Rittman City Council Member (100pts)
  • Site visit by an served agency official – Captain Doug Hunter of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office (100pts)
  • Youth operators – 20pts per < 18yr youth operator, we had two (40pts)
  • Safety Officer bonus (100pts)
  • Social Media bonus (100pts)
  • Web submission of Field Day results (50pts)

The full ARRL Submission confirmation package is HERE.

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