DTown Network Fixed

The network issues that have been plaguing the Doylestown site (which also feeds the Akron site) for the last two weeks have been fixed. The following services which have been down or not working well are now working properly again as of 7/11/2020:

  • W8WKY 147.39 Allstar Node #43211
  • W8WKY 147.39 Echolink W8WKY-R
  • W8WKY 148.39 Broadcastify Feed
  • W8WKY 442.275 Digital (all modes)
  • KE8LDH 442.5152 Digital (all modes)
  • N8XPK 444.2 Allstar Node #43118
  • N8XPK 444.2 Echolink N8XPK-L
  • N8XPK 53.17 Allstar Node #42993
  • N8XPK 53.17 Echolink N8XPK-R
  • N8XPK 1292.200 Allstar Node #47987

Additionally now that the network issues have been resolved, the Megalink XLX330 reflector system (D-STAR DCS330A, YSF #83603, TG 311070 interlink) will be returned to Doylestown sometime in the next few days so expect some short outages while that system is returned to its home. At the same time, W8WKY 442.275 will be upgraded to Pi-STAR v4.1 to better support Yaesu System Fusion users.

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