Linking on 39

There is some misconceptions and misunderstandings being circulated in certain venues about the ability to link and use the 149.390 repeater and its associated Allstar function.


Simple J-Pole Plans

I (Jason N8EI), like many hams, have passed around plans for “simple” antennas to new hams or for projects. However, in many instances it isn’t something we’ve built according to THOSE plans. We have something similar, we bookmarked it, etc. While posting plans for the “simple J-Pole” for the Ohio…


DMR Hotspot Urgent Action

DMR Logo

The following message was sent by the US BrandMeister server admins. If you have a hotspot and use DMR, make sure you set your BrandMeister password ASAP! Due to issues that have been happening recently, we are going to need to start requiring users to set a hotspot security password…