147.39 Amplifier Issue

From John Wagner N8CD of the Technical Committee:

A few people this morning noticed that SARA’s 147.39 repeater had a weaker transmitted signal than normal. 

After some troubleshooting this afternoon, the power amplifier was found to be defective and was attenuating the signal rather than amplifying it. The amp was removed from service and the repeater is now running “barefoot” while we investigate and repair the amp.

Power output into the duplexer:

  • 90 Watts normally with the amp inline (before this weekend)
  • 8  Watts for the Monday morning Barometer Net on 11/25/2019
  • 25 Watts as of 17:00 Monday 11/25/2019 with the amp removed

I’ll send out another update once repairs are complete.

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