442.275 MHz Conversion – MAY 4, 2019

At the April meeting, SARA voted to confirm the Technical Committee plan to convert W8WKY 442.275 MHz to a multi-mode digital repeater, replacing the current analog FM system. This conversion will happen the morning of Saturday, May 4th.  Beginning at noon on Saturday, May 4th, 442.275 MHz will operate only with the following digital modes: DMR, Yaesu System Fusion (YSF), and D-STAR.

Please note changes for the following nets:

  • The UHF link for the Sunday Evening 6m Net will be moving to N8XPK 444.200 MHz (Tone PL 131.8, no Tone Squelch).
  • The Pajama Net will be moving exclusively to 444.200 MHz (Tone PL 131.8, no Tone Squelch) as well.

Please note for the 444.200 MHz machine, DO NOT use Tone Squelch. The 444.2 machine does not output tone for non-RF output (e.g. linking to the 6m net).

Please read the following information about this exciting new SARA capability. These are living pages that will be updated as SARA’s experience grows, so check back on them occasionally for updated information:

Please note the following general practices:

  • As this is a new shared resource, please be extra courteous of your fellow hams as they get adapted to this new setup.
  • Please do not continuously stay keyed up to busy talkgroups (DMR), reflectors (D-STAR), or rooms (YSF) just to listen as this inappropriately ties up the repeater. Examples of this are TAC310 for DMR, REF030C for D-STAR, and America Room on YSF. If you want to continuously listen to these extremely busy systems, please consider a hotspot. Please note that actually communicating on these are fine, just please unlink/discussion when your QSO is complete.
  • If you think of it while using D-STAR, please re-connect the link to XRF330C if you’ve changed the reflector linking. The repeater will automatically return to XRF330C after a period of time also.

If you need help using the repeater or setting up your digital voice radio, please join the SARA Ham Radio Discussion mailing list. SARA will also be holding some digital radio clinics in the near future to help the community take advantage of this new resource.

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