April 2015 Fox Hunt: The Fox’s Perspective

On Saturday the 18th I hid at Shislers Cheese House, just a stone’s throw north of Copley circle.
It was a beautiful, sunny day in the 70’s. I was only 8 miles from the starting location at Buehlers parking lot in Wadsworth. 8 MILES, I have to repeat that, just a short trip from  Buehlers . The hunters could not hear the tone because of inferior antennas (lol) but were instructed to proceed anyway.
After a while, a long while actually, a silver car pulled in the parking lot, with their windows down, arms resting on the sill, enjoying the sunshine. It was team N8OFP. Why can’t they see me? I’m in plain sight!!!  Must have been the bright light blinding them! Away they rushed like they were really on to a new scent.

It wasn’t long after that I spotted a green truck with a strange wooden thing hanging on to the left
side of the door. I don’t know what is was, but it must be broken? Team KI8B didn’t even slow down.
I picked a good spot, I’m invisible!!!!! I’m in plain sight  but the hunters are not looking!!! Oh no here comes that silver car again. And there he goes!!! But wait here comes the green truck again, whew, it has no brakes, just flies by.

Now is the best part, the green truck comes back and circles to the back someplace and while he’s hiding somewhere, that silver car comes back. They STILL don’t see me. I’ll have to recommend a good optometrist. They both leave not spotting each other.
We are going to have a nice lunch if they ever find me. We’re getting hungry, where are they?
There goes that green truck again. His truck is really broken, no brakes, not able to steer off the highway, just zooming by, above the posted speed limit too!!
Here comes the silver car, hooray, he’s stopping. A man is getting out (kd8gys), walking closer, closer, closer, YES he found me. Let’s have lunch! Oh wait, what about that green truck and there’s a red truck (team kd8tqu ) also.
FINALLY, that crazy green truck pulls in and stops. (Must have went and had brakes put on ) Two men get out and are busy writing something on paper. Must be the questions on page 2. I hope they pass the test.
Here comes the red truck,back and forth, in the parking lot, is he looking for me or a good place to park? It’s Mike( kd8tqu ) and his better half, Becky. Oh by the way SHE was the only one to answer all the questions correctly!!!
Everyone turned in their scavenger hunt bags filled with their treasures, I was hoping for some roses but I got dandelions instead. They did their best I’m sure!
Team n8ofp/kd8gys  1st. Place won a basket of home made hand pies.
Team kd8tqu/Becky   2nd. Place won a road atlas
Team ki8b/n8zqu.       3rd. Place won a goody bag from radio shack
TROPHY:  A QUAD BEAM ANTENNA (hand made by the foxes)
To 1st. Place winners N8OFP   KD8GYS


I’m ready for another hunt…..how about you?
FOX n8sin. Carol
FOX n8ogk Gary

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