2015 Preliminary Field Day Report

It’ll be several days before we have the total points calculated but below
is how we did as far as making contacts this year.

We’ll send out a much more detailed summary list once we have all everything
figured out and calculated.

A BIG THANK YOU and JOB WELL DONE to all of you who participated in this
year’s SARA Field Day Operations!

SARA 2015 Field Day Participants:

Setup / Tear Down / Radio Operators / Loggers:
Larry (WD8LF)
Gary (AA8CS)
Barry (KI8B)
Steve (N8SRJ)
Mike (KD8TQU)
Fred (KD8GYS)
Del (N8OFP)

Visitor Table, Public Relations
Mike (N8QQN)

Cooks (As always we ate like kings!! You guys are the BEST!!!)
Bob (W8IJG)
Carol (N8SIN)
Gary (N8OGK)
And those who brought other snacks and goodies to keep us well fed
throughout the weekend!
Oh yeah, to Gary (AA8CS) for making coffee not once but at least three times
during the night and morning. Field Day is about the only time I drink
coffee, and it’s all because of Gary…

Special Thank You to Mike (N8QQN) for making the new SARA Field Day Banner,
and Larry (WD8LF) for the use of his generator.

I do apologize if I forgot anyone who helped this weekend.
One last item….
As I was putting my field day equipment away and connecting my radio backup
I was listening to several conversations on some of the local repeaters.
Like us everyone’s contact counts were down because of the poor band
conditions, BUT unlike us most of them spend a cold, met, miserable night
working field day outside….

Best 73

2015 Contact Count

2015 Contact Count

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