Change to 6m Sunday Evening Net Linking

In preparation for the SARA UHF repeater becoming a digital repeater, effective 4/28/2019 the SARA 442.275 repeater will no longer link to the 53.17 repeater at 7:00 PM for the 6m Sunday Evening net.

If you would like to join the Sunday Evening 6m net from UHF, you’ll find it on N8XPK’s 444.2 repeater in Akron. Please turn off your tone squelch (PL DECODE) on your radio, as the 444.2 repeater does not transmit PL when audio is coming from a linked system. You will still need PL ENCODE any time you access the 444.2 repeater.

For the April 21st 2019 Sunday Evening 6m net, both 444.2 and 442.275 will be linked to 53.17 for this one evening.

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