Workday for 444.2 Repeater

Akron’s 444.2 repeater isn’t a SARA repeater, but is owned by Marty, N8XPK. Originally put on the air in the 1970’s by Dick WA8DBW, the repeater has been an icon of the UHF band in north east Ohio. The 444.2 repeater has been on the air continuously for nearly 40 years from the same site, along with repeaters on 900 MHz, and 1292 MHz and remote bases on many bands added along the way.

Part of the crew

(clockwise) W8IJG (dark shirt), KC8DEO, N8XPK, N8AAC, N8CD

N8XPK is refurbishing the equipment behind the 444.2 repeater from top to bottom. Coordinating with some other work that is being done on the building’s roof, Marty assembled a crew partly made of SARA members on Saturday August 27th to install two new towers that will support antennas for all the repeaters at the site.






The crew included Marty N8XPK, John N8AAC, Bennie KC8DEO, Steve W6VM, Bob W8IJG, and John N8CD.

The repeater antennas sit atop a 13 story apartment building on the north west side of downtown Akron. On that roof, 30 foot towers hold the antennas above the elevator penthouse that sits above the rooftop.

If you’ve wondered how the 444.2 repeater has such amazing coverage, take a look at the incredible view from the repeater antenna site (click any picture for a larger view).

KIMG0261 IMG_20160827_103618_312 IMG_20160827_103735_591 IMG_20160823_163822


The 444.2 repeater is temporarily on the air from Marty’s Doylestown site while things are being rebuilt. Keep an ear open for 444.2 machine along with the 900MHz and 1292MHz repeaters to return to the Akron site in the coming months.

(photos courtesy of N8AAC, W6VM, N8CD)

Here’s all the pics in one place for a slideshow

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