Wooster UHF Repeater Now Digital

Congratulations to the folks at the Wooster Amateur Radio Club, who have converted their UHF repeater on 443.175 to a multi-mode digital machine similar to SARA’s 442.275. It’s on the air running DMR, DSTAR, and YSF (Yaesu System Fusion) full time from its location on the north side of Wooster.

You can see the dashboard for the multi-mode repeater at https://w8woo.megalink.network and the Brandmeister DMR dashboard is available here.

For DMR: The repeater uses the Brandmeister standard Color Code 1 on 443.175MHz. At this printing, the repeater is full time linked on Slot 2 to the Ohio 3139, Ohio Weather 31392, and Ohio ARES 31395 talkgroups. For local QSO’s please use the repeater’s Talkgroup on Slot 1, 311070

For YSF: The repeater is full time linked to the Ohio-Link room

For DSTAR: The repeater is not full time linked, but is on the network and can link to most REF, XRF, and XLX reflectors by user command.

SARA’s Minimalist Codeplug for the Alinco MD5 DMR portable has been updated to include the Wooster repeater and a few other improvements as well. Download it, customize it, an you can use it as a start if you like.

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