Alinco DJ-MD5 Codeplug

Updated August 10, 2019: This updated codeplug has various improvements, such as setting most channels to High power, adding the slot number to the end of most channel names, and adding zones for the Wooster W8WOO and Mansfield W8WE repeaters to the codeplug. The contact database has also been updated and is now current as of 8/10/2019. As always, please customize this to your needs, and read below for things you MUST change in this codeplug before loading it into your own radio!

A minimalist, SARA oriented codeplug for the Alinco DJ-MD5 radio is available from this page. It is up to date with local frequencies and the entire world-wide RadioID DMR database as of 5-5-2019. No warranties are expressed or implied. This codeplug will be useful for people in range of SARA’s repeaters, but does not contain every repeater in the state. We strongly encourage you to customize this codeplug for your needs!

Alinco DJ-MD5

The radio is branded as an Alinco, but underneath is yet another clone of most of the other Chinese DMR radios that are on the market. It is a reasonably good DMR radio, and is locally available from DX Engineering.

The codeplug contains zones for:

To use this codeplug, you must download it, open it in your programming software, and MUST make changes on two screens,save the file locally, and write it to your radio:

Change 1: Under Digital…Radio ID List, change the Radio ID to your DMR ID number. This is the 7 digit number you have when you registered on or DMR-MARC. Also change the Name to your callsign on the same screen.

Change 2: Under Public…Optional Settings: Change the Startup screen to something that makes sense to you. This is free form and not needed by DMR – but is what will appear when you turn the radio on.

Download Codeplug

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