J-Pole Build Project

Sign-Ups for the build will close on February 26, 2021

The SARA Spring 2021 Build Project will be a dual-band J-Pole assembled from common components. This build project is open to anyone, not just SARA members.

J-Pole antenna
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The J-pole antenna is an end-fed omni-directional half-wave antenna that is matched to the feedline by a quarter wave parallel transmission line stub. Matching to the feed-line is achieved by sliding the connection of the feedline back and forth along the stub until an impedance match is obtained. Being a half-wave antenna, it provides a small gain over a quarter-wave ground-plane antenna.

SARA will be providing a ready-made kit for assembly and use. The target frequencies will be 146 MHz and 446 MHz however the antenna will be broad-banded enough for all normal repeater use as well. However, there will be an option to request an uncut kit so you can cut your own length rods to tune as you see fit.

With COVID-19 still happening this will be a semi-virtual build. SARA will provide the kits that you can either attend a build and testing session in Fairlawn in mid to late March, or pick up your kit and assemble at your leisure. The build session will offer the opportunity to test your antenna with a network analyzer and discuss the antenna. SARA will also offer an online Q&A session on assembly and use.

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