Area 2m Interference

The SARA Technical Committee and some other club members have been working on the interference heard on the SARA 2m repeater. This noise is a broad-banded interference that seems to be strongest right around 148 MHz. Last week a SARA team visited a property owner where it was previously thought the interference was originating from. After taking readings on the large property, it was determined the signal appearing to emanate from the private property was an echo reflection of the noise. After some additional tracking work, the prevailing theory now is the noise is emitting from the top of a Wadsworth City water tower at the intersection of OH261/Akron Rd. and Summit Rd. The city has been contacted and they continue to investigate. The club remains involved as well.

Here are some audio examples of the “raw” noise.

Thanks to Marty N8XPK, Gary AA8CS, and Ken KA8OAD for continuing to work on this.

Sample #1
Sample #2
Sample #3

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