2020 Field Day Results

The COVID-19-influenced Field Day for 2020 will be something hams likely remember for the rest of their lives. However it also provided a chance for hams to experience it in a different way. The temporary rule change for 2020 to allow Class D stations to contact each other increased the ability of amateurs to participate in the absence of some of the normal large club exercises and QST would publish an aggregated score by club of all individual participants. The results of this were posted in QST’s December 2020 edition.

Overall, SARA scored an aggregated 7,826 points as submitted by six club members who operated. In 2019, SARA’s single-event score was 3,376.

Participating club members this year were:

  • Jeff Royer W8TB – Class 1E with 1,832 points
  • Javan Miller W8UA (as N8JLM) – Class 1D with 1,548 points
  • Jason McCormick N8EI – Class 1E with 1,516 points
  • Barry Youmans KI8B – Class 1E with 1,450 points
  • Zeke Zadiraka AB8OU – Class 1D with 1,246 points
  • John Wagner N8CD – Class 1D with 236 points

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