Using Reflector XLX330

Using the Megalink Transcoding Reflector on all three radio types – D-STAR, DMR, and YSF – is straightforward and operates just like the native connection type on each radio.

The Rosetta Stone next to a Raspberry Pi

If you haven’t yet read What are Transcoding Reflectors, consider giving it a 5 minute read to help understand how things are working in the background.

This system is available to any of the following:

  • Any D-STAR repeater or hotspot that can make DPlus, DExtra, or DCS connections. Locally, this includes W8WKY (442.275), WW8TF, KE8LDH, KE8LDH, and W8WOO (442.375). Link to DCS330A (or REF330A as supported).
  • Any YSF repeater or hotspot that can connect to YSF Gateway rooms. Locally, this includes W8WKY (442.275), WW8TF, KE8LDH, KE8LDH, and W8WOO (442.375) . Connect to YSF #83603.
  • Any Brandmeister-connected DMR repeter. Locally, this includes W8WKY (442.275), W8WOO (442.375), and KA8OAD (444.5125). Key up on Talkgroup 311070 (either slot).
  • All types of hotspots including OpenSpots, JumboSpots, BlueDV/DVMega dongles, and Zumspots.

This techinfo article will outline how the system works on D-STAR, DMR, and YSF. Then it will discuss some common questions and courtesy of the reflector.



Use of XLX330 is straightforward using standard D-STAR linking concepts. While XLX330 supports all 26 modules (A-Z) for D-STAR, only module A is configured to transcode between digital modes. XLX330 accepts all three linking types in D-STAR – REF (for DPlus), XRF (for DExtra), or DCS (for DCS). If you are using one of the SARA, WARC, or WTF repeaters or any of the hotspots, simply issue a link command to DCS330A (i.e. DCS330AL followed by a CQCQCQ transmission). If you are on an Icom repeater, you must use REF as those repeaters are limited to the old DPlus reflector system.

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Use of XLX330 is straightforward using regular DMR talkgroup configuration. XLX330 Module A is linked/transcoded full time to Brandmeister TG 311070. Simply key up your local Brandmeister repeater or hotspot and your transmission will be automatically sent and transcoded on XLX330. For best performance (but this is optional), configure your hotspot to connect to DMR server BM3103.

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Use of XLX330 is straightforward using a YSF gateway room ID. Once connected to your repeater or hotspot using WIRES-X, do a “direct” link to #83603. The method of doing this varies between Yaesu radios so look for a good YouTube video on WIRES-X for your model of Yaseu. Unfortunately, due to Yaesu radio firmware limitations, you cannot save YSF IDs as a “Room” on your radio.

Common Courtesy and Concerns

Leave spaces between transmission – Due to how DMR operates, DMR has a 0.5 to 1.0 second lag in the audio not heard in D-STAR and YSF. It’s always best amateur practice to avoid fast-keying after the last transmission – give time for someone else to get in the conversation.

Enjoy the Use – The system here for people to use, learn, and enjoy. You’re not going to break it and you’re not “tying up anything”.

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