SARA Now Accepting PayPal and Credit Cards

SARA is now accepting PayPal and credit/debit cards as methods to pay for club dues, apparel, donations, or other goods and services. We will be taking both PayPal itself and using PayPal Checkout for credit/debit card-based orders.

For users of PayPal, you can directly send money using the link or by sending to Ensure that when sending money, you include a note as to what the money is for so it can be properly recorded or matched.

For online sale items of apparel and membership, SARA’s website will support an online store. When using the online, store you can pay directly using PayPal or use a credit/debit card through PayPal Checkout (no PayPal account necessary). Pages and products will be made available when necessary to support the club.

Please note that you cannot participate in 50/50 Raffles using PayPal.

For questions, please contact Jeff Royer W8TB or Jason McCormick N8EI.

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