SARA members earn NPOTA recognition at March 16th meeting

Dennis Conklin AI8P proudly displays his NPOTA banner. AI8P #1 Activator in OHIO

In conjunction with John Meyers’ “Life After NPOTA” presentation, SARA members were recognized for their NPOTA operating efforts with certificates during the March 16th SARA club meeting. Heading the list of recipients was Dennis Conklin AI8P who was number one in Ohio on the Activator Leader Board with 185 park activations. This score also ranked him number 16 nationally in activations. Also Dennis found time to score a 336 on the chaser board. That ranked him 20th in Ohio for chasers. For his efforts Dennis received a certificate from the ARRL and from SARA. Nice job Dennis!



NPOTA certificate awarded to SARA participants

Allan “Zeke” Zadiraka AB8OU led SARA chasers with an outstanding score of 375 which placed him 15th overall in Ohio. Looks like that Contest University seminar at Dayton last May is paying dividends for Zeke. Below is a compilation of all NPOTA activity by SARA members. All participants have or will receive Club certificates for their participation. I want to thank Jason McCormick N8JDM for parsing the data and Zeke AB8OU for designing and printing the certificates. Additionally, I want to thank all the SARA members who took part in this great event which sparked the competition, conversation and enthusiasm. Good job all!

SARA Activators        
Overall Rank OH Rank Callsign Score    
16 1 AI8P 185 Dennis Conklin
746 39 KE8EMS 2 Daleen Cowgar
964 46 AB8OU 1 Allan Zadiraka
964 58 N8JDM 1 Jason McCormick
SARA Chasers        
Overall Rank OH Rank Callsign Score    
252 15 AB8OU 375 Allan Zadiraka
367 20 AI8P 336 Dennis Conklin
487 26 AA8CS 284 Gary Shorter
712 38 WD8LF 211 Larry Fields
855 41 N8JDM 173 Jason McCormick
855 41 N8OFP 173 Del LaBo
1008 49 KD8GYS 141 Fred Sheppard
1200 59 N8SRJ 109 Steve Jones
2337 108 KD8BIT 30 Patricia Cowgar
2520 121 K8WDB 26 Walter Bever
2762 137 KB8LFA 22 Jeremy Cowgar
5293 239 KE8EGA 7 Kevin Barthalow
9608 386 KE8EMS 2 Daleen Cowgar
9608 386 KI8B 2 Barry Youmans
11984 465 N8CD 1 John Wagner

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