SARA Field Day 2020 – Cancelled

With regret, and after consultation with the SARA Executive Committee, I am cancelling our traditional Field Day 2020 event. While I had hoped to not make a decision this far in advance of the event, several factors are driving us to cancel now. We will not likely have any updated health rule information until the beginning of June. Aside from the uncertainty, we cannot project what additional measures we might have to take even if we can gather and thus cannot plan properly. Finally, based on discussions and feedback, our perception is that many people would not participate in the traditional event even if we held it.

While our traditional event is cancelled, Field Day itself is not cancelled. You can participate at home or in a smaller group setting as a Class B, Class D, or Class E station. Class B is a 1-2 person field portable setup. Class D is a normal home station under normal power while a class E is a normal station with the radio on emergency power. See the 2020 Field Day Packet for more information on the entry classes. Additionally, the ARRL will be publishing the names of clubs this year along with entries. Please enter your club as “Silvercreek ARA” when you submit your scores. Make SARA proud! Finally, SARA will publish a list of all participants along with their claimed scores on the club website in July. Bragging rights are up for grabs for top county score as well as top class score.

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jason McCormick N8EI
Field Day Chairman and Vice President

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