Ohio QSO Party SARA Unofficial Results

Last weekend, SARA members participated in the Ohio QSO party and some of the members made plans to participate in the contest aspect and submit scored logs. SARA turned in a good showing with the following scored participants:

Jeff Royer KS8Z, Single Op Low Power, Medina County – 27,468
Jason McCormick N8JDM, Single Op Low Power, Summit County – 23,232
Zeke Zadrica AB8OU, Single Op Low Power, Summit County – 16,356
John Wagner N8CD, Single Op High Power, Wayne County – 11,680
Eric Marang WD8KNL, Single Op Low Power, Summit County – 224

Our club’s combined score submission is 78,960 points. These scores are pre-check so the scores will change after evaluationor busted calls, duplicates,etc. If anyone else from the club wants to submit scores for the club, the deadline is approaching. Our score is very respectable, especially since many of the club scores are from contesting clubs. Next year we want even more to participate!

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