KI8B — Field Day 2017 Report

To SARA members,

After 5 hours of work at the desk today I completed and submitted our 2017 Field Day submittal to ARRL headquarters.

Band conditions this year were probably the worst we’ve seen in more than 15 years, that is lousy at best. We worked a total of 433 contacts on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters using phone, digital, and CW modes. Our total point score for the QSO’s made was 1,218 points. Presuming HQ concurs with all our bonus point claims and supportive documentation, our bonus point score will be 1,250 points, making our total for the event 2,468 points.  That’s what we should see when the field day results are published in the October issue of QST.

No matter how long I agonize to remember everyone who participated in some way this year I’ll manage to forget someone, so I’ll apologize now for my memory and ineptitude. I’d like to thank all of this year’s participants including:

Del LaBo N8OFP
Gary Shorter AA8CS
Fred Sheppard KD8GYS
Bennie Murawski KC8DEO
Jason McCormick N8JDM
Kevin Barthalow KE8EGA
Brooker Breece KD8JNX
Ken Dorsey KA8OAD
Mike Burg N8QQN (and lovely wife Ellen)
Mike Gerlach KD8TQU
Bob Bohn W8IJG
Carol Miller N8SIN
Samantha Cowgar KE8ENK
Dalene Cowgar KE8EMS
Alan Zadiraka (Zeke) AB8OU

This was my 20th year as SARA’s field day chairman and I finally achieved something I’ve been attempting for years.  Although I brought and set up a station (80 meters) I did not in fact operate at all.  I didn’t make a single contact.  There was always someone sitting at the station when 80 meters was up, and they made lots of contacts, but I made not one.

Having achieved my goal I think I’m ready to retire and move over for someone else. So who’s up for planning for next year’s event?

Barry KI8B

I want to take this opportunity to thank Barry Youmans KI8B for his years of service to SARA in orchestrating Field Day. Barry has done a bang up job again this year in putting together in my mind one of the most successful Field Day’s our Club has had at least in my experience with the Club. The camaraderie displayed, the multiple people who operated our different stations, and the many visitors who came to watch and ask questions was truly wonderful to behold. Everyone associated with this year’s event should pat themselves on the back for a job well done, but tip your hat to Barry for his perseverance and dedication to SARA.        ~ Gary, AA8CS

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