DMR Hotspot Urgent Action

The following message was sent by the US BrandMeister server admins. If you have a hotspot and use DMR, make sure you set your BrandMeister password ASAP!

Due to issues that have been happening recently, we are going to need to start requiring users to set a hotspot security password to gain access to the US Masters.  If you already have a hotspot security password set on the BM portal, you can ignore this post. We are going to start requiring this on master 3101 November 30th3102 will follow on December 4th, and 3103 on December 11th.  This is already implemented on the RU masters, and other Master servers will follow. At this time this will just be for hotspots.  The API is being worked on to allow repeater owners to make this change as well, but it is not quite ready to go.

Here is a link to a post on how to set your hotspot security on the bm portal. Please configure a personalized security password for your hotspots !

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