40th Anniversary Final Words and Picture Gallery

40th Anniversary Picnic Picture Gallery

It’s hard to believe that after 5 months of planning the SARA 40th Anniversary Celebration is now history. The week long operating event culminated in the first in many years SARA Club picnic this past Saturday. Members enjoyed beautiful weather, great food and SARA style comradery. It was a fabulous event and a good time was had by all. I want to thank our planning committee, Allan “Zeke” Zadiraka AB8OU, John Wagner N8CD and Jason McCormick N8JDM who put in the time and effort to make  this event the success that it was. In an effort to be succinct let me say that Zeke was our PR man working with the ARRL and others. John was our grunt guy with his truck doing much of the heavy lifting along with many good ideas for the event. And Jason well, Jason volunteered the use of his QTH for the picnic site along with writing the Special Event Scheduling software and the online certificate maker software. Jason also picked up the role as Club QSL manager and updated the QRZ page. WOW, Jason you da Man… also much thanks to his lovely wife Jennifer for putting up with all of us and looking so happy as she did it!

What makes a great picnic, well good food of course. I want to thank Bob Bohn W8IJG for donating his excellent culinary skills as we again ate like kings and queens! The food was delicious and only superseded by the excellent comradery and conversation we all experienced. It was great to see all the SARA 40th Anniversary Apparel and everyone having a great time talking, reviving old friendships, and making new ones. Many first time eyeball QSOs were had as I heard more than once, “I imagined you differently from your voice on the radio.” I want to thank Scott Yonally N8SY for taking time out of his busy schedule to come out and say hello to SARA. I also want to thank him for his Handbook donation that was included in our raffle. And speaking of the raffle, I want to thank Russ Orr KD8VYT for handling the 50/50 raffle chores and Jim Cummings KD8VMW for the restaurant and MAPS museum ticket donations (along with the equipment for the rummage sale). And speaking of the rummage sale, I want to thank everyone who donated their stuff to the rummage sale for the benefit of the Club. That was very much appreciated.

And finally, I want to thank everyone who participated in the W8WKY special operating event and everyone who came to the picnic and shared their time with the Club. I know that there were also a number of Club members who wanted to attend but couldn’t  because of various reasons. Know you were missed. This was the first SARA Club picnic in a number of years. I sincerely hope we can do again next year! 73 Gary.

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