Slides from January EMP talk

If you were at the January 2018 SARA meeting, you know Dennis AI8P did a great job on the EMP talk he gave. Deb KD8DEB bailed Dennis out of a technical problem, and Mark WB0IQK and Gene W8KXR helped out with some additional info and project ideas as well. Dennis also gave away two extra large shielded bags to two lucky winners (Mike KD8TQU and Del N8OFP) to protect their gear in the event of an EMP event.

If you weren’t at the January meeting to see all this shame on you, but we’ll let you see the slides anyway 😉 . You can right-click Save As on the links below.

EMP Slides by AI8P (11MB PDF)

We also have a pretty comprehensive list of links, products, and ideas from Mark WB0IQK and Gene W8KXR that you can download here:

EMP-Links-Ideas-Plans (150KB PDF)

Thanks to Dennis, Deb, Mark and Gene for their efforts and the informative presentation!

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