Broadcastify Feed

You can tune in on the 147.39 SARA repeater and also the N8XPK repeater through your computer or smartphone using the Broadcastify service.  The link below will take you to Broadcastify’s website, and allow you to choose how you want to listen.

This feed will carry the Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association’s 147.39 and N8XPK 53.17 repeaters on a schedule. Nets such as the morning drive time Barometer Net, the SARA Tuesday evening net, and Sunday evening 6 Meter net will be carried. When nets are not active, live feeds from 147.39 and 53.17 repeaters will be carried on the feed.

Schedule for feed:

  • Daily 05:00-12:00 147.390 W8WKY repeater (drive-time Barometer net)
  • Daily 12:00-05:00 (the following day) 53.1700 N8XPK repeater
  • Tuesday 19:25-22:00 147.3900 W8WKY repeater (Tuesday evening SARA net)

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