Tuesday NET Announcements – October 10, 2017

Our next SARA meeting is October 19th, and will feature a special LOTW presentation. Pencil in October 19th and make plans now to attend the SARA meeting and learn everything you need to know about Logbook of the World. Check out the companion articles for the presentation on w8wky.org.

Consider assisting Del Labo N8OFP and Steve Jones N8SRJ with the Enchanted Forest event at the Wilderness Center in Wilmot on October 13th and 14th. It is a worthwhile event deserving of our support. You can find additional information about the Wilderness Center and the Enchanted Forest Event at https://www.wildernesscenter.org/enchanted-forest/. Contact Del Labo at delbert.labo@gmail.com if you can help.

The M2M Amateur Radio Club in Media is hosting a foxhunt this Saturday at noon. The foxhut area is in the Brunswick area. See FoxHuntFlyer14Oct2017 and Foxhunt-Rules-29Sept2017 for more information.

The Massillon Amateur Radio Club 57th Hamfest will be held Sunday, October 29th starting at 8am at the Massillon Boy’s and Girl’s Club at 730 Duncan St. in Massillon. Everything is indoors.

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