SARA Family Picnic 2021

The 2021 SARA Family Picnic is now history but not forgotten. We had over 60 people in attendance and a good time was had by all. After a brief but welcome rain shower came that dropped the temperature by 20 degrees, the weather was perfect. Pursuant to SARA tradition there was an abundance of food, an abundance of conversation and an abundance of camaraderie and fun! AS such, there is also an abundance of thank you’s that are in order. First the picnic committee consisting of Stephen N8WB, Russ KD8VYT, Jason N8EI and Gary AA8CS did a great job in planning and in the execution of the plan.  Russ KD8VYT purchased and prepared the fabulous meal with the help of Chris N8ACP. Russ has proven to be a master chef and a picnic-ateer! Jason N8EI did a fabulous job as master of ceremonies. Bryan KF8G manned the check-in station. Special thanks to Dr. Jack N8NDL for his kind door prize contribution of the CompacTENNA. More information about the COMPACtenna is available at Also kudos go out to Ken Dorsey KA8OAD who contributed an all-band receiver to the cause. Let’s not forget SARA who contributed the YASEU handi-talkie along with 2 dual band J-Poles left over from the antenna build and Russ KD8VYT who came through with a truckload of non-ham related door prizes for the group. Most importantly, I want to thank all of you who came to the picnic, brought side dishes for all to enjoy and made the picnic the smashing success that it was! Afterall, it wouldn’t have been much of a picnic without “all ya’ll”. Thank you for your attendance and your continued support of SARA.

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