SARA’s 147.39 and 442.275 repeaters support linking via Allstar. The 147.390 VHF repeater also supports connections via Echolink.  In addition to that, several other repeaters are connected to the same network and can all be inter-linked. Although the courtesy tone changes based on the linking state, sometimes it’s hard to tell what is linked to what on the air, so below is a list of the linking schedule.

For machines that use Allstar for linking, other machines and nodes may link in on an ad-hoc basis, so there’s links in the right column you can click that show the real-time status of the linking in text and graphical formats:

FreqLocationOwner/CallDaily ScheduleStatusGraph
147.390DoylestownSARA/W8WKYno scheduled linking4321143211
442.275DoylestownSARA/W8WKY53.17 Sunday 18:55-20:30,
444.2 19:20-20:30 nightly
Otherwise connected to The Megalink Network
53.170DoylestownN8XPK442.275 Sunday 18:55-20:30,
53.71 N2KEJ New Jersey 24×7
444.200AkronN8XPK442.275 19:20-20:30 nightly4311843118
927.5375AkronN8XPKno scheduled linkingn/an/a
442.375RittmanWW8TFThe Megalink Network4325843258