SARA Member Badge


SARA-branded member callsign badge. Badge measures 2.4″ H x 3.4″ W (same as ARRL appointment badges). Note: If you want a callsign that isn’t your current callsign or you’re ordering for someone else, contact Jason N8EI directly to make a custom order. Otherwise, your current callsign will be used automatically for the badge.



SARA has partnered with the The SignMan of Baton Rouge to develop and provide SARA-branded member callsign badges. The badges are the engraved style with black lettering on a yellow background. The top portion is the SARA logo followed by your callsign in the middle and the a line of text at the bottom, usually your name. The size of the badge is the same dimensions as the ARRL Appointees badge (e.g. VE badge, EC badge, etc.)

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Safety Pin ($16.50), Swivel Alligator Clip ($18.00), Magnetic Bar ($19.25), Mega-Strong Magnetic Bar ($20.25)