Lighthouse Activation August 16th-18th

Fairport West Breakwater Light

On August 16th – 18th, Dave Spondike N8SAX will be activating the Fairport West Breakwater Light for the International Lighthouse Special Event using the call N8L. The goal is to run a couple of radios simultaneously 24/7 for the weekend. The accommodations are really quite nice. There will be a Dropbox link to photos below. Dave seeks to gather a crew of a half dozen to a dozen hams to work the project, much like a Field Day style operation, but without the contest aspect. This will be an open to the public operation and visitors will be welcome. Due to the ruggedness of the terrain to get to the Lighthouse, Dave will be working on arranging a secondary location at the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Museum for those who cannot make the trek along the breakwall, climb a ladder or up the steps of the base. This will also serve as a backup location in the case of inclement weather.  If you are interested in participating in event as part of the crew, help with set-up, tear down, supplying equipment, radios, antennas, feed lines, analyzers, food, etc., please contact the team leader Dave Spondike N8SAX ( or 330-801-0089) to begin making some plans.

The Lighthouse is fully furnished, but with no running water. It uses a composting toilet. There is a 5,700 watt  (7,100 peak) generator on site, and a small portable as well. We need to furnish our own gasoline, of course. Besides the lights and radios, the only appliances we would be running would be the refrigerator, the coffee pot, and maybe the microwave.

Here is a link to the Dropbox folder with pictures.

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