In addition to other digital modes, SARA’s 442.275 repeater is available to connect to DSTAR networks including the REF, XRF, XLX, DCS and StarNET protocols.

DSTAR Usage Guidelines for 442.275

  • Feel free to connect the repeater to various reflectors on the network, but be respectful of other users. If you would like to listen to a busy reflector such as REF001C or REF030C, please limit it to 15 minutes or so unless you’re engaged in an actual QSO. These reflectors are extremely busy, and will tie up the repeater and prevent other users from accessing it for QSOs.
  • Please unlink from reflectors when you are done using them. Unlinking can be accomplished by putting “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ U” (seven spaces followed by U ) in the URCALL field and keying up once.
  • You can listen to the current connection status by putting “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ I” (seven spaces followed by I ) in the URCALL field and keying up once.
  • You can see what is connected to the repeater by viewing the status page for all modes at the status page – https://442275.w8wky.org

Here’s a suggested memory channel programming to get you started with using the 442.275 repeater for DSTAR:

To get you started, here’s a few minimalist programs for some popular radios you can try:

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