Connect Systems CS800D

Connect Systems CS800D

This page is the home of a basic DMR codeplug for the Connect Systems CD800D radio. This is a minimalist codeplug that has configurations for only four repeaters in the Akron area – W8WKY (442.275), WW8TF (442.375), KE8LDH (442.5125), and W8WOO (443.175). Additionally, it contains a limited number of “popular” or area-appropriate Brandmeister talkgroups:

Ohio 3139

Ohio TAC 31390

Northeast Ohio 31391

US 8th Area 31608

USA Nationwide 3100

Dynamic TG Disconnect 4000

World 91

TAC310 – TAC319

Pennsylvania 3142

PAPA 31077 (a large repeater network in Southern California)

Baynet 31075 (a repeater network based in San Francisco, home of many radio experimenters via the Hamradio Workbench Podcast community)

W8WKY 310961


There are two zones per repeater in the format CALLSIGN-STD and CALLSIGN-TAC (e.g. W8WKY-STD, W8WKY-TAC). The -STD zone contains a collection of non-TAC31x talkgroups and the -TAC zone contains TAC310 to TAC319.

Each channel name is in the form REPATER/TALKGROUP/SLOT. For example “WKY/Ohio/2” would be Ohio 3139 on Timeslot 2 on W8WKY. Another example would be “8TF/Loc9/1” would be Local 9 on Timeslot 1 on WW8TF. Additionally, the W8WKY -STD zone also has REPEATER/DiscTGG/SLOT (e.g. WKY/DiscTGG/2) to disconnect all dynamic talkgroups from the numbered slot.

At the request of Wayne Co. ARES, we have added an additional zone named “Wayne ARES” which includes the standard channel list for the Wayne ARES group.

To use this codeplug, you must do the following:

  • Download the codeplug from this site (below) and save it to a good location.
  • Launch the CS800D CPS programming software
  • Open the codeplug file with the software
  • Enter your callsign and DMR IR as shown here
  • Write the code plug to your radio. Note that this will overwrite any other existing program in your radio!!

Front Panel Buttons

All buttons on the CS800D are unlabeled and custom-programmed. This program sets the following button configurations.

File Download

Connect Systems CD800D Program Codeplug

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