Officers, QSL, and Contact information

For the 2016/2017 term, the officers and other positions for the Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association are:

  • President: Gary Shorter, AA8CS
  • Vice President: Larry Fields WD8LF
  • Treasurer: Barry Youmans, KI8B
  • Secretary: Bill Knauf, KD8HXV
  • Trustees:
    Bob Bohn, W8IJG
    Debbie Conklin, KD8DEB
    Willard Houston, W8WDH
  • Public Information Officer and WebMaster
    John Wagner N8CD
  • QSL Manager: Jason McCormick, N8JDM
  • Net Manager: Ron Dellangelo, KD8CVS
  • Technology Committee:
    Bob Bohn W8IJG
    Del LaBo N8OFP
    John Wagner N8CD
    Barry Youmans KI8B

If you wish to contact the Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association, you can use these email addresses

  • Gary Shorter, President,
  • For QSL information:
  • For general information and topics:

QSL via LOTW or via mail to

Silvercreek ARA
c/o Jason McCormick, N8JDM
2790 Vincent Dr
Norton, OH 44203