SARA is led by the Executive Committee which comprised of four Elected Officers and three appointed Trustees.

The current Elected Officers (term April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019) are:

President: Gary Shorter, AA8CS
Vice President: Jason McCormick, N8JDM
Treasurer: Barry Youmans, KI8B
Secretary: Eric Mast, WB8AIF

The current appointed Trustees are:

Bob Bohn, W8IJG
Debbie Conklin, KD8DEB
John Wagner, N8CD

The Technical Committee which oversees the operation and maintenance of SARA’s on air repeater and other equipment is:

Operations Manager Barry Youmans, KI8B
Bob Bohn, W8IJG
Del LaBo, N8OFP
John Wagner, N8CD
Jason McCormick, N8JDM
Marty Baker, N8XPK

SARA’s position roles are filled by:

Special Projects Liaison: Allan “Zeke” Zadiraka, AB8OU
Public Information Officer and Webmaster: John Wagner, N8CD
QSL Manager: Jason McCormick, N8JDM
Historian: Mike Burg, N8QQN
Net Manager: Ron Dellangelo, KD8CVS

If you wish to contact the Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association, you can use these email addresses

Membership and Business Information: Gary Shorter, AA8CS –
For QSL information:
For general information and topics:

For QSL information see QSL Info