Officers and Contacts

SARA is led by the Executive Committee which comprised of four Elected Officers and three appointed Trustees.

The current Elected Officers (term April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019) are:

President: Gary Shorter, AA8CS
Vice President: Jason McCormick, N8JDM
Treasurer: Barry Youmans, KI8B
Secretary: Eric Mast, WB8AIF

The current appointed Trustees are:

Bob Bohn, W8IJG
Debbie Conklin, KD8DEB
John Wagner, N8CD

The Technical Committee which oversees the operation and maintenance of SARA’s on air repeater and other equipment is:

Operations Manager Barry Youmans, KI8B
Bob Bohn, W8IJG
Del LaBo, N8OFP
John Wagner, N8CD
Jason McCormick, N8JDM
Marty Baker, N8XPK

SARA’s position roles are filled by:

Special Projects Liaison: Allan “Zeke” Zadiraka, AB8OU
Public Information Officer and Webmaster: John Wagner, N8CD
QSL Manager: Jason McCormick, N8JDM
Net Manager: Ron Dellangelo, KD8CVS

If you wish to contact the Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association, you can use these email addresses

Membership and Business Information: Gary Shorter, AA8CS –
For QSL information:
For general information and topics:

For QSL information see QSL Info