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Wadsworth, Ohio, United States
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I really like this antenna. Selling ONLY because I just ordered its big brother which adds 40M. No traps, so it has good efficiency but the real benefit is its wideband performance. The spec is under 2:1 SWR across every band and this one manages that. I'll see if I can record a sweep from my antenna analyzer to add to this. No radials needed due to the counterpoise design so it is easy to mount elevated (I have it at about 30 feet now). About 23 feet tall and 10 pounds.

If I had it down I would replace one part - a $10 fiberglass insulator. It was sloppy when I got the antenna; I think the previous owner may not have tightened it completely when he assembled it. The antenna works fine (20 countries confirmed on 15M and 20M within the past few weeks) but would look nicer with the new part. I ordered the new antenna today and also ordered that part for this one.

You can come and take it down any time or wait until I swap the new one onto the same mount.

Sells for $370 new; this one can be had for $200 including the new insulator.

Manual can be seen at
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