2017 is the 40th anniversary for the Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association, and we have some events planned to celebrate.

Special Event Station

  • SARA will be running a special event station the entire week of August 19th, 2017. This event is modeled after the W1AW Centennial event from 2015 Various club members will be able to use the club callsign from their own stations or portable stations to make QSO’s around the world. An online scheduling application will be used to let club members sign up to operate on the air in timeslots that work for them. To streamline QSL and certificates, the operator will need to log in a computerized logging system that has the ability to export ADIF files (which can be done by almost any of the computer-based logging packages). The operator will then upload their ADIF logs to our club website for processing. After the logs have been uploaded, any station in the log will be able to go to the club website, enter their call sign, and print or download their certificate. A big thanks go out to Jason, N8JDM for putting together software that makes this all possible. We’ll also be posting all the special event QSOs made to Logbook Of The World (LOTW) as well.

Club Picnic