40th Anniversary Special Event Operating Guidelines and Picnic Details

Below we have posted the PDF versions of the 40th Anniversary Committee Presentations from the July 20th meeting. There are two separate documents. The Special Event Operating Guide outlines the details on using the club call and participating in the 40th Anniversary Special Event Operation. It includes trustee approval, registering to operate, times and recommended frequencies of operation, how to upload your logs, award and qsl information and other guidelines for the event. If you intend to operate during the special event it is imperative that you read and are familiar with the details contained within this document.

The second document contains information about our 40th Anniversary Picnic. The picnic is free to members and their families. Plus we will have stations on the air for the final day of the operating event. We ask that you RSVP and bring a dish to share. You can email AA8CS (garycshorter@gmail.com) with your RSVP information including how many will attend and what you intend to share.

40th Anniversary Special Event Operating Guidelines:

40th Anniversary Picnic Details:

If you need help or have questions about any details regarding radio operation rules or use of the W8WKY callsign, contact:
Gary Shorter AA8CS
Barry Youmans KI8B
Zeke Zadiraka AB8OU

For technical issues with the registration or QSL site, contact:
Jason McCormick N8JDM
John Wagner N8CD

Refer Picnic Questions to:
Jason McCormick N8CD
Gary Shorter AA8CS

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